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Savor the richness of a perfect espresso with the LuxHaus Stainless Steel Moka Pot. Crafted with precision, our Moka pot delivers full-bodied, aromatic espresso that delights discerning coffee enthusiasts.

Proudly recognized as the #1 Moka Pot in Induction Stovetop Category by Business Insider.

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  • Skip the Coffee Shop!

    Was hesitant buying at first, due to the low number of reviews. However, I gave it a chance due to all of the reviews so far being very positive AND it being a stainless steel pot at a reasonable price point (wanted to avoid aluminum).

    All I can say is WOW. This is a beautiful stainless steel pot that feels premium. It's super easy to clean, super easy to use, and it works perfectly. Made my first Moka Pot coffee/espresso this morning and it blew me away.

    If you're on the fence about buying a Moka Pot and/or this specific one.... Look no further. Buy this pot and you'll be glad you did. Excited to start cutting down my expensive coffeee shop Americano purchases. :)

    -- D Becker

  • You want this tool

    For literally decades I have made myself a cappuccino or two in the morning. It became such an enjoyable ritual that I took my espresso machine, grinder and tamper with me on summer trips. In July I managed to misplace the tamper and arrived home without it. I improvised for a few days but nothing works like a properly sized hefty tamper so I pulled up Amazon and chanced upon this calibrated pressure tamper. I didn’t know why I needed “calibrated pressure” but decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did. It turns out that correct and consistent compression of the grind actually makes a big difference - my cappuccinos are better than ever.

    This tamper is well made, just feels right in my hand, and takes the guesswork out of how hard to press the grind. If you make espresso you want this tool. LuxHaus gets 5 stars for the product, the price, and for following up after my order to inquire as to my satisfaction. Good folks.

    -- Chris

  • Outstanding Indeed

    True food quality stainless steel construction, non tapered top, and a spring to aid in grounds basket removal. What's not to like?

    I don't do aluminum, so all the aluminum Moka pots are out for me. Many of the stainless taper at the top making it very hard to see inside the pot during preparation. This one does not. Some are marginal quality with thin stainless. This one is heavier thickness and superior quality.

    This is THE Moka pot I have been searching for. I'm ordering a second one for use in my summer home. I would order a few more for replacement 20 years from now when these wear out, but I do NOT think they will wear out in my lifetime.

    -- Billy B

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