Best Stovetop Gooseneck Kettle: Pour Over Kettles Buying Guide

Best Stovetop Gooseneck Kettle: Pour Over Kettles Buying Guide

You've decided you want to try making your pour over coffee at home but don't know where to start? A gooseneck kettle is the perfect starting point for a coffee enthusiast like you. Let's look into the best models for 2024.

Top 6 Gooseneck Kettles in 2024 


Choosing the best kettle can make the difference between a top notch cup of coffee and one that's from the best. The capacity, control over water temperature and the flow rate are what can make or break a gooseneck kettle. That's why we found and tested the best kettles on Amazon (and not only) and made a list of our favorites that would certainly help you get the perfect cup of pour over coffee.

Best Stovetop Gooseneck Kettle Overall: LuxHaus Pour Over Kettle


The LuxHaus pour over kettle has all the features you'd need to make the perfect pour over coffee. This gooseneck kettle was designed with coffee in mind and that's why it has an ergonomic spout for optimal flow control and consistent results when making coffee.

Additionally the LuxHaus gooseneck kettle has an accurate temperature gauge that lets you know when your water is at the right temperature. This will let you extract the most aroma and flavors out of your pour over coffee. This is what makes this kettle perfect for any coffee enthusiast out there. If you've ever tried to make pour over coffee, you'll know that a thermometer can be vital.

Another touch that coffee enthusiast are going to love, that makes this kettle perfect for pour over coffee is the heat-resistant handle. If you have a firm grip on your kettle, you'll more easily extract the best taste out of your coffee. Obviously, you'll also keep your hands safe from burning.

Just like with any other type of kitchen equipment, when buying a kettle, you'll want it to be made out of high-quality metals. The LuxHaus gooseneck kettle is made of the highest quality stainless steel that is leak-proof and works perfectly on gas, electric and induction stoves.

Moreover, the kettle comes in a perfect size of 40 oz. This is going to be big enough for pour over coffee if you have people coming over or a few cups of tea in the cold winter months. 

The LuxHaus gooseneck kettle comes in a stylish colorful box. This makes it the perfect gift for a boyfriend, girlfriend or basically any coffee enthusiast that is keen on trying pour over coffee.

By now you're probably thinking that this kettle will make you break the bank. Well, the good news is that it's actually very cheap. It costs only $19 and is arguably the best way to make the perfect pour over coffee.



Runner-up Kettle: Coffee Gator Gooseneck Kettle


The Coffee Gator gooseneck kettle is one of these kettles that can take a beating. While like the LuxHaus gooseneck kettle, this one is also made of stainless steel, the build is not as high quality.

This kettle also comes equipped with a thermometer, which will help you get the best pour over coffee you can. Moreover, the spout was also designed with that in mind, so it's the right size for a constant water flow, which is very important for pour over coffee.

The three disadvantages that this gooseneck kettle has are the smaller capacity and the inferior build quality. Even though the producer says that the kettle has a capacity of just over 33 oz, in fact it'll only fit around 22 oz of water. This is because it's recommended that you only fill it 2/3 of the way.

Another disadvantage that the Coffee Gator gooseneck kettle has over the LuxHaus kettle is that even though it's still considered a high quality kettle, it may rust. This is because of the lower tier stainless steel that was used. In fact, it's an alloy with regular steel which, as you know when kept near water for longer, can rust.

The last disadvantage the Coffee Gator kettle has is the price. Rated at $37 on Amazon, it's nearly twice as expensive as the LuxHaus pour over kettle, which is why it has the top spot.

Best Large Capacity Gooseneck: BonJour Gooseneck Kettle 


If you have ever used a gooseneck kettle on a stovetop, you know that even though most models were built for good temperature distribution even the best ones can't heat water very quickly. That's why if you want to brew a lot of pour over coffee, you might want to invest in a kettle with a larger capacity. If that's your case, your top choice is the BonJour Gooseneck Kettle.

While most kettles hold around 30 oz of water, this can fit double that. This is what would make it perfect if you often have people coming over for coffee or any other hot drink based on water. This kettle will help you take full advantage of a large pour over coffee maker, as you won't have to go and heat more water while brewing.

The BonJour Gooseneck kettle was designed to work on any stovetop, including induction. Despite that, though, some users on Amazon complained about some wear and tear on the base with prolonged use.

The kettle comes equipped with a non-drip spout, which unfortunately is not the best on the market. The problem here is that, unlike some other gooseneck kettles that we mentioned, this one is not very precise. It looks great, though, as it has a thicker design than on other kettles.

One more thing that we should mention, that might put you off from this kettle is the higher price tag. Depending on whether you buy it on Amazon or somewhere else, you can expect it to cost you over $90. 

Best Gooseneck on a Budget: Apexstone Small Pour Over Coffee Kettle 


This Apexstone gooseneck kettle is here for you, if you're usually brewing coffee only for yourself and are looking for the fair price of $15 currently on Amazon. While the quality of this kettle is not nearly as great as that on the other options on our list, it'll still get you hot water with only a stovetop.

The top feature of this pour over kettle is obviously the low price. Nevertheless, it's still dishwasher safe and comes in two different sizes: 20 and 30 oz. Additionally, it has a spout designed for precision pouring, which is vital when brewing pour over coffee.

Something else that we really liked was the design. Even though, at first glance it seems like nothing special, the matte black finish stands out over the rest of the kettles on the list.

Now, to the negatives. This gooseneck kettle is very small and the handle is too close to the bottom so it can get very hot when heating water. Another issue that you might face is poor build quality. This, though, is highly unlikely, as among more than 700 reviews on Amazon, there are only a few that mention such an issue.

Honorable Mention: Barista Warrior Stainless Steel Pour Over Kettle With Thermometer


The Barista Warrior stainless steel kettle is a decent option that we thought was worth mentioning. Just like the other gooseneck kettles on our list, this one was designed with brewing pour over coffee in mind. 

The kettle is made of stainless steel so it'll work on any stovetop you throw it on. We didn't notice any wear and tear on our tests, and there don't seem to be people complaining about it on Amazon. The construction of the kettle is sturdy and high quality, and most details were conveniently placed. Weighing just 1.6 pounds it's perfect for brewing coffee on the go.

The biggest concern that users had while using this kettle was that the plastic on top of the thermometer might melt. However, that may happen if you're brewing at very high temperatures, that would be too high even for most brewing recipes.

Another issue that some coffee enthusiasts faced was that the lid of the kettle would get too hot. This may cause some serious burns, and you will want to use a heat resistant mitt to avoid them.

Best Electric Gooseneck Overall: Brewista Artisan Electric Gooseneck Kettle


In case you decided you wanted to go for an electric gooseneck kettle after all, we did our research on them too. We have two models prepared for you.

The Brewista Artisan Electric Gooseneck kettle came out as the best electric kettle in our research. It comes packed with useful features that will help you not only get the best pour over coffee but also delicious tea and anything else that requires hot water at a specific temperature. What we really enjoyed in this model over all the stovetop gooseneck kettles and the electric ones is that you can program it to heat your water to an exact temperature between 104 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover when you pick up the kettle for your next cup of coffee it'll remember your last settings, even if unplugged.

Something great for those of you based in Canada, or those who simply prefer using the metric system is that you can choose either Fahrenheit or Celsius for your water temperature. This will make your pour over coffee a lot easier to make as you won't have to convert anything manually.

We have to say that there's a learning curve that you have to go through before you can use this kettle with all its settings. For starters, as it's electric you'll have to understand what each control button means and what it does so you don't pick the wrong temperature for your water or tea. This can potentially cause severe burns or simply a bad cup of coffee. It's all elaborately described in the manual, though, so one quick look should be enough. 

This model is one of the best gooseneck kettles that you can get as a gift for someone. Other than being a top notch water heater, with a specific temperature setting, it comes in seven beautiful color combinations that would fit perfectly in any kitchen. It also comes with a wooden bottom that will protect you from the high temperature of the water and will help when pouring. Moreover, the ergonomic handle and spout design were designed to be comfortable for pour over coffee.

Back to the temperature range and water heating. Even though this kettle doesn't get quite as hot as some other gooseneck kettles, it has a fast boil feature. This means that if you select it you will have hot water in no time, which makes it a lot faster than any stovetop. This is why it's among the best gooseneck kettles that we found.

Now, to the disadvantages. They're not something that might put you off of this kettle, but you should definitely keep them in mind before you buy it. The biggest one is the high price that you will have to pay. Priced at almost $160 it's by no means cheap. However, for such a high quality piece of kitchen gear, the investment is well worth it.

The other drawback that we managed to see, other than the cost, is that the kettle is quite noisy till it gets your water to the right temperature. If you're going to make coffee or tea in the morning when your family or roommates are asleep, this might be an issue.

Best Fast Heating Kettle: Bodum Melior Electric Gooseneck Kettle 


Bodum is a company that has a long history of making kettles for the stove and all sorts of coffee makers, especially French presses. With this electric gooseneck kettle they took what they already knew, added some new tricks and now you can get yourself a fantastic electric gooseneck kettle that will drastically improve your coffee experience. 

One of the best things about this kettle is that even though it's an electric model, it has a lower price than many stovetop kettles. Additionally, it's very easy to use so you'll start getting the best results when brewing coffee from day one.

The Bodum Melior Electric gooseneck kettle has only two disadvantages. These are the lack of temperature gauge and the smaller water capacity. If you're planning on brewing more cups of coffee, though, that won't be that much of an issue. The smaller capacity is precisely what helps it heat water that fast.

The lack of a thermometer is probably a way to reduce cost. Nevertheless, the kettle will switch off once the water reaches the right temperature for most coffee based drinks.

Are Gooseneck Kettles Worth it?

Gooseneck kettles are the preferred coffee brewing tool for many baristas. Even though an expensive espresso machine or a fancy French press are what comes to mind to most coffee enthusiasts, pour over coffee is the latest trend in the coffee world.

While you can make pour over coffee using virtually any other method of heating water, gooseneck kettles give you the control of the water flow that makes the perfect pour over coffee.

Pour over coffee is one of the oldest coffee brewing methods and for a good reason. It is delicious, doesn't require anything else than a stovetop, and takes little time.

Like with other coffee brewing methods, you need to have your water heated to the right temperature to have the best tasting coffee you possibly can. Unlike other brewing methods, though, for the perfect pour over coffee, you need to pour water at the right speed and with the right motion.

Because of all these reasons, a gooseneck kettle is the right way to get the best pour over coffee.

Why a Gooseneck?

These kettles are called gooseneck because of the shape of the spout. This is what gives you precision when pouring water into the pour over coffee maker. It's also very important that your gooseneck kettle is made of high quality stainless steel and has a safe and comfortable handle.

Is an Electric Kettle Better than a Stovetop Kettle?


An electric gooseneck kettle is more convenient than a stovetop one and there's no doubt about it. Having an electric model will heat your water faster, you won't need to check on its temperature and it only takes one press of a button to be ready to start brewing your coffee.

Additionally this piece of kitchen gear comes equipped with a variety of functions that can help you get the best cup of coffee. While not all of these gooseneck kettles give you the freedom to choose the water temperature, it's usually set to the right value for coffee.

Gooseneck kettles made for a stovetop, on the other hand, are the old school option. They are much simpler, lighter and significantly cheaper. A stovetop gooseneck kettle would be perfect for you if you don't want to pay the high price of an electric one.

In addition, if you do a lot of hiking or traveling and want to bring your kettle with you, a stovetop one would be much more convenient. It's lighter, smaller and requires no electricity to run. You can put it on top of the campfire or on a gas stove and still get hot water.

What to Consider Before Buying a Gooseneck Kettle?


While even expensive gooseneck kettles are significantly cheaper than an espresso machine or some other coffee makers, they're still an investment. With a price tag of $20 to nearly $100 it's worth spending some time to understand what makes the best gooseneck kettle for you. Let's look into it.


While most gooseneck kettles have a capacity of around 30 oz, if you're planning on brewing more coffee, you might want to invest in a bigger model. Unfortunately, bigger capacity electric kettles are harder to find.


It's very important that your stovetop gooseneck kettle has an accurate thermometer. This way you'll know when the water inside has reached the perfect temperature for brewing coffee.



The right kettle should be comfortable. It's best if it's not too big, as this way you'll more easily hold it with one hand. Additionally, if the handle doesn't pop out too much, you'll be able to fit it in a bag or a box more easily.

Flow Rate

A gooseneck kettle should have a good flow rate with no water dripping. This will help you get the best taste out of your coffee if you decide to go for a pour over.


While there isn't that much diversity over the design of gooseneck kettles, some are definitely more beautiful than others. Also, you don't want to have a piece of kitchen gear that doesn't match your kitchen, do you?

Final Thoughts

Gooseneck kettles, like almost everything else, have been getting more and more complicated. That's why there's nothing better than an old school stovetop kettle. You should make sure that it's a high quality one though.

Get your high quality gooseneck kettle in our store and start enjoying your delicious pour over coffee, made at home.


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