Why Is Moka Pot Coffee So Good?

Why Is Moka Pot Coffee So Good?

If you have ever had a coffee made in a Moka pot, you know how delicious it is. You should also know that it is easy to make, and you can take a Moka pot with you anywhere you go. Have you ever wondered what makes them so great, though? Keep reading to find out!

Is Moka Pot Coffee Espresso?

Whether a Moka pot is espresso is not as simple as yes or no. Espresso is the Italian word for "pressed out". It's called that way, as to brew espresso, steam is built up, which is then forced through the coffee grounds and presses your brew out.

The way a Moka pot works is very similar. You pour water in the bottom chamber; it heats up and turns to steam, and finds its way up through the coffee. Just like with espresso, using pressure, the coffee is brewed. If you go by this definition, then yes, Moka pot coffee is espresso. 

There are some differences between regular espresso and the Moka pot coffee (stovetop espresso). The two main ones are that the espresso from an espresso maker comes with a layer of foam on top (crema). This can happen because the pressure that an espresso machine generates is around 8-10 bars which is very high. A Moka pot usually produces about 1-3 bars which is significantly lower. What this means is that it's impossible to make coffee with crema on top. 


While many people like their crema and believe the authentic espresso always has it, coffee experts actually argue against it. The foam is very bitter and can ruin the taste of your coffee, so it's only good for its texture.

The second main difference between a cup of Moka coffee and espresso is that the former is about half as strong. This also comes from the fact that a Moka pot makes less pressure. In other words, the water going through the coffee cannot extract as much flavor. Moka coffee is still quite strong, though. For most people it's enough to have just one cup of it per day as it’s 2-3 times stronger than drip coffee most Americans make at home.

What Makes a Moka Pot So Good?

Moka pots make great coffee, and there's no doubt about it. For one thing they brew the aromatic coffee we all love. While it can be a little hard to understand how to make good coffee at first, once you get the hang of it, it's all worth it. Here are a few reasons why you will probably also like a cup of coffee out of a Moka pot:

The Brew is Delicious and Authentic

Making coffee in a Moka pot can be considered a form of art and you need to know what you like and then find a recipe for your kind of brew. It might take a few tries to get it just the way you like it, but once you do, it's going to be very rewarding. When you get the hang of it, the brew is delicious, has a rich flavor, thick texture, and a fantastic aroma. When done right, it's not bitter and is just as strong as it should be.

It Is Strong Enough to Just Have One Cup a Day

You should know that a Moka pot makes a relatively strong brew that's got around two or three times the caffeine drip coffee makes. For most people, a single cup of good coffee made in a Moka pot will be enough to get them through the day. The brew is not very strong (as espresso), so you're less likely to get addicted to it as coffee can be addictive. 

It's Easy to Make

When you know what works for you and what doesn't and you've gone through a few recipes, Moka coffee is easy to brew. You simply heat the water, pour it into the boiler, put the coffee, and wait. In a few minutes, you will hear a gurgling sound coming out of the Moka pot, which is your signal that it's done. When that happens, take it off the stove, cover it with a cold, damp towel and pour it into a cup. As simple as that!

It Fits Perfectly Any Lifestyle

Moka pots are tiny and easy to look after and you can take them with you, even if you go camping. They are also effortless to take apart, so they don't require a lot to be cleaned. Moreover, a Moka pot will be handy if you have a busy everyday life. It only takes around three to five minutes to brew a cup of coffee and just a few minutes more to wash it and get it ready for the next round.

How Much Caffeine Is In Moka Coffee?

Caffeine is the natural stimulant found in some plants like coffee, cocoa and some teas, that helps you stay alert and active. How caffeine works is it blocks out the part of the brain that releases melatonin (the sleep hormone) and stimulates the release of the hormone that makes us alert and, in higher amounts, gives us anxiety (cortisol). 

Depending on how much coffee you've put in the coffee maker's filter, the amount of caffeine in your brew can vary. It’s important to say that tamping your coffee when brewing in a Moka pot might seem like a way to make your coffee stronger, but it's actually not. If the coffee is tamped, it will come out bland.

As you read earlier, the regular drip coffee that you probably make at home, or have at least tried, is weaker than both Moka and espresso. The way it's made doesn't extract as much flavor and caffeine out of the coffee. One ounce of drip coffee has around 10 to 15 milligrams of caffeine. If you don't like strong coffee or aren't used to it, this can be perfect for you.

A Moka pot makes significantly stronger coffee than that. The pressurized steam going through the filter and the coffee inside manages to extract a stronger taste. This means that you get a solid kick out of it in the morning which is enough for most people.

One ounce of Moka coffee has around 20-30 milligrams of caffeine. This is an estimate as there are a lot of other variables that can include the amount of coffee you've put in and the sort you've picked. Nevertheless, coffee made in a Moka pot is in the middle between espresso and drip coffee, which would be perfect for most.

Espresso is stronger than Moka coffee as the brew made in an espresso maker has around 40-50 milligrams of caffeine per ounce. The reason for that is again the high pressure that these machines produce which means that you can put finely ground coffee and tamp it to make sure the grounds are compressed. 

This way, you will have a strong brew that will keep you awake for longer. If you aren't used to drinking coffee, it might be too strong for you, so be careful.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Water Do You Need?

How much water you need depends on the model of your Moka pot. There are many different brands and sizes, but the rule is that you should pour water up to the bottom edge of the safety valve.

How Long Does Brewing Take?

The brew time also depends on the model of your Moka pot. It should take just a few minutes for your Moka coffee to be done. The best way to know is to listen for a gurgling sound. When you hear it, your brew is done.

Is It as Good as Espresso?

It depends on your taste. If you don't like very strong coffee, then yes, Moka coffee is better than espresso. If you like crema, though, then you might want to go for espresso.

Final Thoughts

A Moka pot is a fascinating home appliance. It is small, easy to use and most of all makes delicious coffee! Most coffee enthusiasts agree that there are a few types of authentic Italian coffee, and one of them is the one made in a Moka pot. It is also the most accessible, as Moka pots are pretty cheap and easy to look after. If you are on the lookout for a great Moka pot, check out our catalog!

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