Can You Get Crema from a Moka Pot?

Can You Get Crema from a Moka Pot?

Moka pots are known for the great strong and thick coffee they make. It is enough for most people to have just one cup per day. They are not known for their crema, though. If you want to get crema with your coffee, there are a few more things you should do. 

Make sure you use fresh coffee, start with hot water, and your grind is not too coarse or too fine. Keep reading to find out more about getting crema on your Moka coffee!

What Is a Moka Pot?

A Moka pot can also be referred to as a Stovetop Espresso Maker. It was invented almost 100 years ago by an Italian engineer and inventor called Alfonso Bialetti and the first model was made out of aluminum. Since then, the technology has developed, and now there are a lot of stainless steel models out there. 

A Moka pot works in a very simple way. It has three main parts: the bottom chamber (boiler), coffee filter, and top chamber (kettle). The brewing process starts by pouring water into the bottom chamber. Here you have to make sure that it only goes up to the bottom edge of the safety valve. It is there to release the excessive pressure, and the water shouldn't cover it.  

Once you have poured water into the boiler, you can put the Moka pot on the stove and turn it on. When enough steam is generated, it forces its way up through the coffee grind. Then it continues through the tower and into the top chamber. The way to know your coffee is finished is to listen for a gurgling sound. When you hear it, you should take the Moka pot away from the stove and cool it down.

Is a Moka Pot an Espresso Maker?

A Moka pot is not an espresso maker. The Moka pot was created as a sort of hybrid between drip coffee and espresso. It is around twice as strong as drip coffee and about half as strong as espresso. 

The word espresso comes from the Italian word for "to press out" as steam that the espresso maker generates presses the brew out of the coffee grounds. If you go by that definition, then a Moka pot coffee can be considered espresso.

Another essential difference between a Moka pot and an espresso is that because of the significantly lower pressure in a Moka pot, it doesn't form any crema. 

What Is Crema?

Crema is the layer of foam that forms on the top of brewed coffee which is produced by the high pressure in an espresso machine. 

Crema consists primarily of emulsified oils and has a rich texture and a strong, somewhat bitter taste.

According to coffee experts, this strong and bitter taste that the crema has, can actually ruin the taste of your coffee. This is why some people prefer to take it off before starting their coffee.

Why Does Moka Pot Coffee Not Have crema?

Moka pots don't produce crema because the pressure inside the traditional Moka pots is not high enough to force water through coffee grounds quickly. Also, Moka pots have a filter basket with either fine or coarse mesh, while espresso machines use paper filters that trap more solid particles and can produce higher pressures.

Moka pot coffee has around double the caffeine level drip coffee does, though. It is an excellent option for those who want stronger, richer tasting coffee, though.

How Can You Get Crema in a Stovetop Coffee Maker?

Brewing coffee in a Moka pot like you're supposed to will get you fantastic coffee but no crema. Despite the Moka pot's design and lower pressure, some coffee enthusiasts have found ways to get crema on your Moka coffee, though. 

There are a few tips that you can follow to get a small amount of crema.

The most important one is to use fresh beans that are not older than a week as if the coffee is stale, there is no way you will get any crema.

Next, you will need to make sure the temperature is not too high. Don't put your stove on the highest setting. If you do, you're more likely to end up with burnt, bitter coffee, and this way, any chance of crema will be gone.

The third piece of advice that you could use is to use coffee grinds that are just right. They should be more coarse than the ones you'd use in an espresso machine, but they shouldn't be too coarse. 

The last tip we could give you is to start with boiling water. This way, the coffee won't "roast" before the brewing process even begins. This will ensure that you won't end up with bitter coffee. You should also make sure to lift the Moka pot from the heat but keep it close enough to maintain the ooze of coffee. You shouldn't let it "burp"


Frequently Asked Questions

What Coffee Beans Should You Use?

As long as it's not an extract or instant coffee, any medium to medium-fine coffee will work. It depends on your taste.

Do You Have To Start With Hot Water?

To get the best-tasting coffee, you should start with hot water. This way, you won't only save time but will also get the best taste out of the coffee.


A Moka pot makes great coffee but don't count on crema. The pressure is not high enough for that. If you still want to get even a tiny amount of it, there are some things you can do. They include using freshly ground coffee, starting with boiling water, and making sure the ground is not too fine.

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