Pour-Over Perfection: Ranking the 9 Best Stovetop Gooseneck Kettles in 2024

Pour-Over Perfection: Ranking the 9 Best Stovetop Gooseneck Kettles in 2024

If you're serious about your brews, you've probably heard of gooseneck kettles. And if you still haven't, you're in for a treat. These nifty little devices have a unique spout that can help you mimic the expert brewing techniques of your favorite coffee shop!

Think of it like a water fountain, but way more precise. You can control the water flow to ensure an even extraction and balance of flavors, giving your brews a more nuanced taste.

In this comprehensive comparison post, we tested out the best stovetop gooseneck kettles to know which produces the most soulful cup of coffee.

So, let's dive in and find you a pour-over partner in crime that will make your mornings – or afternoons, evenings, or any time of the day – way better!

TL;DR – The Best Gooseneck Kettles Money Can Buy in 2024!

  1. Lux Haus – The Best Stovetop Gooseneck Kettle Overall: LuxHaus gooseneck kettle features a sleek design, high-grade stainless steel construction, a heat-resistant handle, and a built-in thermometer for precise temperature control.
  2. Hario V60 "Buono" – The Best Stovetop Gooseneck Kettle for Coffee: Ergonomic, stylish, reasonably priced, quick and quiet, and capable of producing multiple servings.
  3. Bonavita – The Best Stovetop Gooseneck Kettle for Tea: Compatible with all stovetops, durable, and ideal for tea lovers.
  4. Takahiro Drip Coffee Pot – The Best Stovetop Gooseneck for Quick Heating:  Heats 30 oz. of water in 4-5 minutes, has a comfortable handle, and features a precise spout.
  5. Coffee Gator Gooseneck Kettle with Thermometer – The Best Stovetop Gooseneck Kettle for Large Servings: Has a 52 oz capacity, built-in thermometer, and a cool-touch handle – the design is modern and rust-resistant.
  6. Chefbar Tea Kettle – The Best Value for Money Stovetop Pour Over Kettle: It has a 28 oz. capacity and a wide bottom that heats up quickly - great value for money.
  7. Mermoo Yilan – The Most Compact Stovetop Gooseneck Kettle:  A bamboo lid and stainless steel body make for a compact, lightweight, and stylish product.
  8. Bodum Bistro – The Best Gooseneck Water Kettle: A gooseneck spout that provides excellent control over water flow and is a durable option for coffee and tea enthusiasts. It does, however, require proper maintenance to keep rust at bay.
  9. Bonus Product: Fellow Stagg EKG - The Best Electric Gooseneck Kettle:  The best electric gooseneck kettle with precise temperature control and fast heating time.

Is a Gooseneck Kettle Worth It?

For coffee and tea enthusiasts, a gooseneck kettle is a must-have due to its unique design that enables precision pouring. It’s particularly well-suited for pour-over coffee and delicate tea brewing. Also, a gooseneck spout grants greater command over the water flow, enhancing the flavor and quality of your brew.

Investing in a gooseneck kettle also means you'll have a tool that lasts. Most high-quality gooseneck kettles are made from durable materials like stainless steel and are built to withstand daily use for years. Plus, they're easy to clean and maintain.

But what about the price? If you’ve searched for stovetop gooseneck kettles online, you’ve probably seen prices above $100!

While high-end gooseneck kettles are expensive, plenty of affordable options are available (many of which we review in this blog!).

Ultimately, in the gooseneck kettle vs. regular kettle debate, the former is worth investing in if you're serious about your coffee or tea brewing game. This is because a gooseneck kettle unlocks the rich and complex flavors stored within your favorite coffee beans, something an average kettle cannot do.

Kettle Kombat: The Makings of a Great Stovetop Gooseneck (or Pour Over) Kettle

To compile our list of the top stovetop gooseneck kettles, we scoured the internet—particularly popular subreddits such as r/coffee, r/pourover, and r/buyitforlife, to discover the best stovetop gooseneck kettles.

Side note: You’d be surprised at how active the best stovetop gooseneck kettle Reddit threads are. Finding the perfect kettle is a hot topic (pun intended!)

After narrowing down our list, we got hands-on with each product and tested them for the following factors:

  •     Material (the build quality and sturdiness)
  •     Design
  •     Heating (how quickly it heats and for how long it can maintain stable temperatures after taking off the stove)
  •     Gooseneck spout (for a precise, accurate, and consistent pour)
  •     Capacity
  •     Handle (ergonomic and heat-resistant handles are ideal)
  •     Maintenance

With the testing methodology in place, it was time to get down to business and put each top-rated gooseneck kettle through its paces.

Here are our gooseneck kettle reviews for the products that met or exceeded the bar and are worthwhile investments.

Lux Haus – The Best Stovetop Gooseneck Kettle Overall

The LuxHaus gooseneck kettle excels in all factors; design, quality, and, most importantly, functionality, making it deserving of the top spot on this list.

Let's start with the build quality and design – it's sleek, elegant, and a pleasure to hold. The kettle is made of high-grade stainless steel, which makes it sturdy, rust-resistant, and easy to clean. Also, the handle is heat-resistant and ergonomic, resulting in a comfortable grip, even when the kettle is hot.

The Luxhaus Pour Over Kettle heats up quickly and efficiently, making it a reliable choice. It's versatile, too, as it works with gas, electric, and induction stovetops, so you won't face any issues when heating it. In addition, with the gooseneck spout, you can quickly achieve a steady water flow once the water has boiled.

But what sets the Luxhaus Pour Over Kettle apart from other kettles is the built-in thermometer. It’s conveniently located on the lid and helps you monitor the temperature of the water when brewing coffee.

You can achieve the perfect temperature without relying on guesswork or additional tools. It's a small detail, but we found that it made a big difference in the quality of the brew.

To conclude, this LuxHaus product is one of the best stovetop gooseneck kettles with a thermometer that comes with an affordable price tag.

LuxHaus Stovetop Gooseneck Kettle

Hario V60 "Buono" – The Best Stovetop Gooseneck Kettle for Coffee

We tested the Buono kettle with a pour-over dripper and a French press, which worked well with both. Its ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold, even when the kettle is full, and the lightweight and compact design makes it easy to store.

Although on the pricier end, the V60 Buono is built with quality materials and offers solid functionality, so your money won’t go to waste. It's also aesthetically pleasing, with a rippling silver body and an elegant design, making it a welcome addition to any kitchen.

During our tests, the kettle boiled quickly and quietly, and its 33.8 ounces (or 1 liter) storage capacity is more than enough for brewing multiple cups of coffee in one go. However, it doesn't have a max-fill line, so the maximum you should put in is 20 ounces (or 1 liter) of water to avoid overfilling.

You don’t have to make manual measures for each brew; the ripples (that form the kettle design) can help. Just keep the water below the first ripple to avoid potentially painful spills!

The only other downsides we noticed were the plastic pieces, which require special care to avoid discoloration and the fact that it's not dishwasher-safe. But, overall, we were impressed by the Buono kettle and wouldn’t shy away from recommending it to people who take their pour-over coffee seriously.

Bonavita Stovetop Gooseneck Kettle – The Best Stovetop Gooseneck Kettle for Tea

The Bonavita is the best gooseneck tea kettle for those who want greater control over their pour while keeping their spending sparse. Its brushed metal look is sleek and aesthetically pleasing, and the kettle is well-balanced for easy pouring.

It’s also compatible with all stovetops, including gas, electric, and induction. Although not marketed as an induction-safe kettle, we tested it on one and didn’t face any issues.

After repeated use, the kettle feels light and flimsy compared to traditional tea kettles (which are made from sturdier materials). Still, it strikes a nice balance between precise pouring and is easy to handle. It’s also pretty durable, and with the long-standing issue of the spout falling off now fixed in newer models, tea drinkers won’t have much to complain about.

All in all, a great bang for the buck for those looking to have a more precise pour when making tea.

Takahiro Drip Coffee Pot – The Best Stovetop Gooseneck for Quick Heating

The Takahiro drip coffee pot is a game-changer for people who hate waiting for their morning shot and can’t wait to replace their slow, outdated kettles.

It can heat up to 30 oz. (or 0.9 liters) of water. It took us only about 4–5 minutes to bring the water to boil with the Takahiro filled to maximum capacity.

Aside from its impressive heating capabilities, the Takahiro is also easy to use; the handle has a comfortable grip, and the spout allows precise pouring every time.

Some reviewers complained about the handle heating up. However, we discovered a solution that involves adjusting the placement of the pot on the stove. You can stop the handle from becoming too hot by placing the pot slightly off to the side of the burner.

We recommend the Takahiro drip coffee pot to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient way to brew their coffee quickly. Its heating capabilities, sleek design, and ease of use make it a good investment.

Coffee Gator Gooseneck Kettle with Thermometer – The Best Stovetop Gooseneck Kettle for Large Servings

On the lookout for a large gooseneck kettle capable of serving multiple cups and doesn’t need to be reheated for every new batch? Then the Coffee Gator kettle is exactly what you need.

The device boasts a sleek and modern design, featuring a surgical-grade stainless steel body and a triple-layered anti-rust base that makes it compatible with all stovetops.

Moreover, a built-in thermometer on the lid has a shaded area indicating the optimal brewing temperature range of 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. But the real highlight is the 52 oz. (1.5 liters) capacity that lets users brew 5–6 cups of coffee in one go.

We also loved the silicone dress on the lid and handle, which adds color to the design, provides a secure grip, keeps water hot longer in the kettle, and prevents accidental burns.

Speaking of burns, the handle is designed to always stay cool to the touch, even when the kettle is filled with boiling water. This is thanks to the cool-touch points on the handle, which provide a comfortable and safe grip, even when the kettle is hot.

Chefbar Tea Kettle – The Best Value for Money Stovetop Pour Over Kettle

The Chefbar Stovetop Tea Kettle is an excellent value for your money, offering impressive quality and functionality despite its low price point. It stands out as one of the most affordable options on the market.

The design is eye-catching, and it's hard to differentiate it from a fancier and pricier kettle. Also, the product feels sturdy (thanks to a stainless steel build).

This tea kettle can hold up to 28 oz. (0.8 liters) of water and brew up to 4 cups of coffee but take it from us – it's best to leave room for the bubbles to dance. We learned the hard way that overfilling can lead to a messy situation. So, remember to keep it at around 80% capacity to avoid unwanted spills and splatters.

In terms of performance, the Chefbar is above average. The wide bottom lets it heat up quickly, and the gooseneck spout offers a smooth and precise pour.

An obvious drawback is the formation of water scales post-use. But, the good news is that it’s easy to clean; a quick scrub with some vinegar and water gets the job done.

To sum it up, if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable gooseneck kettle for your stovetop, give the Chefbar Tea Kettle a try.

MERMOO YILAN – The Most Compact Stovetop Gooseneck Kettle

The Mermoo Yilan is the perfect choice if you're looking for a travel-friendly item that is both functional and stylish. It's compact and lightweight, making it easy to pack in your travel bag and take with you on the go.

This compact device weighs only 197 grams and can heat about 10 ounces of water in one go. The stainless steel body also means it works on all stove tops or a camp stove if you're getting rough and dirty.

"The Mermoo Yilan's design is a testament to the manufacturer's attention to detail. Despite being designed for compactness, this kettle still boasts an attractive bamboo lid and a sleek stainless steel body.

It's space-efficient enough to be stored in a cabinet and looks good on the kitchen counter. However, it's worth noting that while the kettle itself can handle high temperatures, the same can't be said for its handle. So although it looks stylish, it's essential to handle it carefully to avoid any accidental burns (and that’s speaking from experience!)

A quick – but not exactly ideal – fix is to carry a piece of cloth or towel that you can use to grab the handle.

If you’re willing to ignore this flaw, the Mermoo Yilan will prove to be a good travel gooseneck companion.

Bodum Bistro – The Best Gooseneck Water Kettle

The Bodum Bistro Gooseneck Stovetop Water Kettle is an excellent choice for a reliable and precise pour. And because the brand is a household name among coffee enthusiasts, they know what their customers want.

We loved the gooseneck spout on this particular model, as it provided a very controlled pour, we even tried giving the device a few shakes, but the pour remained relatively steady.

Compared to other gooseneck kettles, we found that the Bodum Bistro was one of the best in functionality and design. The same applies to the spout and the rest of the kettle, which are made from high-quality stainless steel.

However, this product isn't exactly a buy-it-for-life device, especially if you don't care for it properly. In addition, it's crucial to keep the kettle completely dry after each use, as water residue can cause it to rust over time.

If you're willing and capable of keeping it rust-free, the Bodum Bistro Gooseneck Stovetop Water Kettle is worth considering for your coffee and tea brewing needs.

Bonus Product: Fellow Stagg EKG - The Best Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Our pick is the Fellow Stagg EKG for readers interested in purchasing a high-quality electric gooseneck kettle.

This sleek and stylish kettle has valuable features that all coffee and tea enthusiasts would appreciate.

The Fellow Stagg stands out as one of the best electric gooseneck kettles with temperature control on the market. It features a user-friendly dial that lets you precisely set the desired temperature. Once you've set it, the kettle maintains that temperature for up to an hour, ensuring your water is always at the perfect temperature for your preferred brewing method.

Another great feature is the fast heating time. You can have boiling water ready for your pour-over coffee, tea, or other hot beverage in a few minutes. Plus, the kettle's 30 oz. (0.9 liters) capacity tank is perfect for brewing a few cups.

So the Fellow Stagg is your best bet if you want an electric kettle instead of a stovetop.

Comparing the Best Gooseneck Kettles in 2024





Lux Haus

2.5 Pounds

40 Ounces


Hario V60 "Buono"

0.3 Pounds

40 Ounces



0.8 Pounds

33 Ounces



1.17 Pounds

30 Ounces


Coffee Gator

1.68 Pounds

40 Ounces



0.84 Pounds

40 Ounces



0.4 Pounds

10 Ounces


Bodum Bistro

1.74 Pounds

34 Ounces


Fellow Stagg EKG

2.6 Pounds

30 Ounces



Here are the answers to some of the most popular and commonly asked questions regarding gooseneck kettles. 

What Is the Best Entry-Level Gooseneck Kettle?

The LuxHaus Stovetop Gooseneck Kettle is the best entry-level option for those looking to get into the world of pour-over coffee. It offers excellent quality and functionality at an affordable price, making it an ideal choice for beginners. Users get a precise and controlled pour with every serving, while the durable stainless steel construction ensures long-lasting use.

Are Gooseneck Kettles Better for Tea?

Gooseneck kettles are generally considered better for tea, mainly for brewing delicate teas such as green and white, as they provide more control over the flow rate and water temperature. In addition, greater pour control ensures that the leaves are not scorched or over brewed by hotspots or uneven water distribution.

On the other hand, traditional kettles with wider spouts and no gooseneck design can prevent water from pouring out too quickly and unevenly, resulting in an over-brewed, bitter taste.

Do You Need a Gooseneck Kettle for French Press Coffee?

No, a gooseneck kettle is not necessary for French press coffee. While it can provide more precise control over the water flow, French press coffee requires a coarser grind and a longer steeping time than pour-over coffee, which means a standard kettle can still work well for this brewing method.

However, a gooseneck kettle can still be a helpful tool if you enjoy experimenting with different brewing techniques or want a more consistent cup of French press coffee. Its precise pour control can help you evenly wet the coffee grounds, avoid over-extraction, and improve the overall consistency.

Is Plastic or Steel Kettle Better?

It depends on personal preference and intended use. Both plastic and steel kettles have their advantages and disadvantages.

Plastic kettles are generally cheaper, lighter, and more durable. They also do not get as hot as metal kettles, making them safer. However, they may be less aesthetically pleasing and can release chemicals into the water if made of low-quality plastic.

On the other hand, steel kettles are more expensive but offer better heat retention and a sleeker look. They are also generally more durable and long-lasting than plastic kettles.


A stovetop gooseneck kettle can make a noticeable difference if you want more control and a better brew when making your coffee or tea. It allows for precision pouring and greater control over the water flow, resulting in a more nuanced taste.

This brings us to the end of our top-rated stovetop gooseneck kettles in 2024 blog. You now know the different types of options available for coffee and tea enthusiasts, as well as affordable and compact choices.

So whether you’re new to the world of coffee brewing or an experienced barista, we highly recommend our favorite Pour Over kettle – you won’t regret it!

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