Best Pour Over Coffee Beans: Top 8 Coffee Blends You Have to Try in 2024

Best Pour Over Coffee Beans: Top 8 Coffee Blends You Have to Try in 2024

You're burning with desire to brew your own pour-over coffee but you don't know where to start? We're here for you. We went through all the best coffees out there and brewed a cup of pour-over with each. Here's the top 8 that we know you're going to like.

Top 8 Best Coffee Beans for Pour-Over Coffee

pour-over coffee is the latest trend in the coffee world. You're probably asking yourself what are the best coffee beans you can buy for a great cup of brew and we'll look into them in a minute. 

To make sure you're getting the best taste out of your beans, though, you need to heat your water to the right temperature. Then you'd need to pour it evenly in a circular motion. All of this is best done in a LuxHaus gooseneck kettle. It comes equipped with a thermometer that'll tell you when your water reaches the right temperature and a spout designed with pour-over coffee in mind. Get yours now.


Volcanica Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - Best Coffee Overall

Ethiopia is where coffee originated. The locals have been drinking it for more than a millennium and know a thing or two about growing coffee beans and making coffee out of them.

This is why the founders of the Volcanica Coffee realized that the best beans always come from volcanic regions. Combining the fertile soil with the high altitude is doomed to give you the best beans you can possibly get. This is why Volcanica Coffee grows their Arabica beans exactly in these conditions. Because of that you can expect your coffee to have fruity flavor notes of blueberry, blackberry and even lemon.

It's no coincidence that the Ethiopian Yirgacheffee beans are considered the best coffee beans in the world by many. These beans are heirloom Arabica that are mainly wild coffee beans. They are wash-processed after picking which enhances the flavor even further. 

Another advantage that these beans have is that they're relatively affordable at $19.99 for 16 oz and are sustainably sourced, grown using organic farming methods. Additionally, they're perfect for pour-over coffee as it takes the most out of the grounds, giving you probably the most delicious cup of pour-over coffee you can get. 

One more thing that we liked about these coffee beans is the low acidity, bringing a refreshing aftertaste and mouthfeel. This is because of the great texture the coffee has, which is always fantastic, as any coffee enthusiast would tell you.

The only downside that we found are the light chocolate and smoky-tasting notes. This, of course depends on your taste, as if it's not something you look for in your coffee, this can make it an even better coffee for you.

Lifeboost Medium Roast Coffee Beans - Best Premium

The Lifeboost Medium Roast stood out when we were tasting different types of coffee. The beans are organic, FairTrade and low-acid, in addition to being the perfect medium roast. Despite the fact that a light roast coffee has been the latest trend in the coffee world, these beans are just as delicious, without the surprisingly high caffeine level. 

Founded by a nutrition expert, Lifeboost Coffee delivers a healthy cup of coffee that's also delicious. They do that by using only the top 0.5% of Arabica coffee and processing them with great care. This gives you a delicious organic coffee with a smooth and balanced taste. If you're used to the taste of different types of coffee, with these ones you'll feel nuts and cocoa powder notes with a subtle strawberry sweetness and no bitterness whatsoever.

The coffee is grown in a small plantation over 5700 feet high in Nicaragua. The beans are hand-picked, sun-dried and then washed in spring water to preserve the purity of the coffee.

Arguably the biggest advantage over other beans, and why we think this coffee is one of the best for pour-over out there are its health benefits. It's tested to certify there are no heavy metals, pesticides, acrylamides and 400 other toxins

The reasons why we think it's great for pour-over coffee in particular are the low acidity, fantastic taste and relatively high level of caffeine. The coffee has no bitter taste whatsoever, so it's good even if you're not a fan of a bitter cup of coffee.

If you consider yourself a coffee enthusiast, you probably know that medium roasted coffee beans are somewhat oily. Even though this coffee is no exception, if you put the grounds in a good filter, using the pour-over method will let you leave the cholesterol, oils and therefore calories behind.

The only downside to these coffee beans is that they have a rather high price. A pack of 12 oz of beans will cost you $27.95 but it's definitely worth it.

To sum up, by going for this coffee you're getting high quality beans, grown in an ethical way, that give you a great taste. It's by no means a cheap coffee but if you want to get the premium quality, you'll have to pay the premium price.


Coffee Bros Medium Roast Coffee - Best Coffee Blend

The Coffee Bros. Medium Roast Coffee is perfectly described by its name. The medium roasted coffee is made by two brothers - Nick and Dan Hunnewell. They're based in Brooklyn, and both are mad about coffee. They roast the beans with a light hand, allowing the natural flavors to stay in the coffee.

The Coffee Bros. coffee company was founded in 2019 and since then has been offering a delicious line up of beans that would pleasantly surprise even the most hardcore coffee connaisseur. The coffee beans are grown in Ethiopia and Brazil and have a hint of brown sugar, hazelnut and red fruits. The coffee has an intense aroma and will give you a smooth rich-tasting cup of delicious brew. Additionally, it's all ethically sourced, freshly-roasted and comes right to your doorstep if you order it on Amazon.

Speaking of Amazon, Coffee Bros. only ships small quantities of the beans to them, making sure that the coffee you will receive are all freshly roasted, and haven't been sitting in a warehouse for ages. What's even better is that they only sell whole bean coffee, which will preserve more of the taste. This can also be taken as a downside, as if you don't own a coffee grinder, you'll have to get a high quality one to get the best taste out of your coffee beans.

The medium roast comes from pure Arabica beans from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia and Minas Gerais, Brazil, which gives it a perfect balance between sweet and bitter. You might be interested in knowing that coffee actually originates in Ethiopia and Brazil is currently the biggest producer of the beans in the world. It's fair to say that they will know a thing or two about coffee in both countries.

This delicious blend allows your cup of coffee to have the unique Coffee Bros. taste, that will help you get a great start of the day. Another great touch by the company is that they have added the roasting date of the coffee on the bag, so you can be sure it's all fresh.

The only downside here is that these coffee beans are not that great for pour-over. Even though we think it's the best whole bean coffee currently on Amazon, there are a couple of better options for pour-over. While the coffee is still delicious, you won't find the bright floral flavors you'd normally find in a single-origin coffee.

Some coffee enthusiasts have noticed that these coffee beans are slightly more lightly roasted than the other beans that we have on our list. This means that you'll be getting more caffeine and less of the smokey and bitter flavor.

Blue Bottle - Three Africas Blend - Coffee Blend Runner-Up

The Three Africas coffee blend is to the liking of most coffee drinkers. It's great for drip coffee but it really shines with pour-over though. To be fair, it's not only great for pour-over but for any coffee brewing method that gives the coffee a little more body.

What we loved about this coffee is that drinking it is an adventure. It starts with delicate fruity sweetness and then gives you some smooth chocolaty aftertaste. At the end there's a lingering sensation of dried blueberry and sweet spices added to the overall coffee flavor. 

The Blue Bottle beans are very balanced, taking full advantage of both types of Ethiopian coffee used to get the best taste out of your pour-over cup of coffee. Additionally, there's a tad of Congolese bean which is what gives it the chocolaty earthiness and the spicy flavor. 

You should know that this is a fairly dark roast. The beans were roasted to about the second crack so you might want to drink it with some milk or cream. We recommend it that way as a dark roast coffee is more bitter and smokey. It's also important to mention that if you don't like strong coffee, this might be the way to go as a dark roast has less caffeine. 

Joe Coffee La Familia Guarnizo - Best Light Roast Coffee

Joe Coffee started off with a single coffee shop in New York nearly 20 years ago and has been very busy. Since then they've opened 20 more coffee shops around the city and even their own roastery where they make their top notch coffee beans. One of the reasons why we picked their coffee beans as our best light roast option is that they work directly with farmers and cooperatives. This ensures an ethical sourcing of the beans and builds sustainable relationships.

La Familia Guarnizo has all the characteristics of a fantastic light roast coffee: sweet flavor, a lot of caffeine and a touch of nuttiness. What makes its flavor so special, though, is that the grounds will also give your coffee a bit of citrusy clementines, caramel, toasted pecans and even honey. 

The La Familia Guarnizo coffee beans are grown in the Huila region of Colombia in the Andes. There the Guarnizo family (that gives the coffee its name) grows the beans at 5200-5900 feet which gives them the best taste they can get.

As these coffee beans are single origin and grown in nearly perfect conditions, the coffee tastes amazing. It has a bright and light body which is what you need for pour-over coffee. The brewing method will extract the most taste out of the coffee beans and you're definitely going to love it.

The downside here is the price. That's understandable, though, because, as we mentioned, the coffee beans are grown by a single family and there's no massive corporation behind Joe Coffee. Costing $21.20 for a 12 oz pack of whole bean coffee, you even have the option to go for pre-ground.

Stumptown Founder's Blend - Best Organic Coffee

Stumptown is one more US based coffee company that makes fantastic coffee beans. In fact, the roastery based in Portland is one of the most successful coffee producers in the world since it was founded in the early 2000's. They constantly make sure to source good coffee, roast it to perfection and distribute it while it's still fresh. You can notice all of that effort in the taste of the coffee.

When you pour your cup of Stumptown Founder's Blend you can expect a coffee with an intense chocolaty flavor. Additionally, if you have a sensitive tongue, you'll notice a hint of sweet vanilla and a touch of nuttiness.

These Arabica coffee beans are sourced from Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, Colombia and Mexico. A great touch by Stumptown is that throughout the year, the precise coffee used is changed to make sure you're getting a balanced blend. Regardless of what coffee beans are used, they're all certified organic.

What really won us over as fans of the Stumptown coffee is their innovative packaging that keeps the coffee beans fresh for three months. This way your pour-over coffee will taste great for a long time after buying it. Additionally, every pack is stamped with the roasting date, so you know exactly how long you have before you coffee goes bad. 

The only downside that we found with this roast is that the coffee doesn't have the fruity and floral taste that many people love. This is because the coffee is a medium to dark roast which means that after brewing itm the taste is more bitter.

The Stumptown Founders Blend costs $17.65 for a 12 oz pack, which is significantly cheaper than some other types of coffee. It's available only as whole bean so before brewing you'll have to grind it. If you don't own a coffee grinder yet, you might want to consider buying one.

Lavazza Super Crema Espresso Whole Bean Coffee - Best Low Acidity

The Lavazza Super Crema Espresso is one of the best types of coffee for espresso. That's not all it shines at, though. It rocks a great flavor with no bitter aftertaste and is just as good for pour-over as it is for espresso. In addition to that, Lavazza is one of the most popular brands of coffee in the world, which means there's going to be no compromise about quality.

The blend is made from 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta coffee beans. This is the best mix for most coffee enthusiasts as it gives you the right amount of bitterness of the Robusta beans combined with fruity notes of Arabica. 

The beans are grown in Colombia and the south of Asia, mainly in Indonesia and Vietnam. Then, they make their way to Italy where the roast is finished. You should know that this is a darker roast, which means you should expect somewhat less caffeine when brewing your coffee using these beans.

Now, to the interesting part. Brewing and then drinking a Lavazza cup of coffee won't affect even the most sensitive stomach. This is because of the low level of acidity.

Koffee Kult Limited - Honorable Mention

When we started trying different coffee beans for this list we had a lot of good coffee. Most blends had one particular feature that made them stand out, though. Then there came the Koffee Kult Limited coffee. We fell in love with the intense, bold flavor of these coffee beans and had to include it as a top choice for pour-over.

One more thing we very much enjoyed about these coffee beans is their unique smoothness. Like some other coffees on our list, this one also left a delicate aftertaste in the mouth. We really enjoyed it, but if you don't, you might want to reconsider.

Even though the company is based in Kenya, they use Ethiopian coffees for their blend. They are roasted in small batches, which ensures an optimal level of freshness and taste, which you will appreciate with the first brew.

Choosing the Top pour-over Coffee: The Why's and How's

Choosing the right bean in the sea of coffees out there can be a challenge even for the most hardcore pour-over fans. That's why we decided we'd share our approach with you and hopefully help you make the right choice.

Coffee Flavor

The flavor of your coffee is what you should be most concerned about. While it will depend on more factors than simply the coffee beans you're using, including the water and the gear you have, there are a few basic things you should know. 

For starters, pour-over coffee is not the most intense. You shouldn't expect too much of a kick out of your brew. This is because the pressure under which the water goes through the coffee beans is virtually non-existent. 

Also, not all coffees work well with cream or milk. If you've decided to go for a light roast, you will want to enjoy all the undertones that come with it. If you like your coffee with milk or cream, though, you might want to go for a dark roast.

Best Roast

There's no single best roast for everyone. There are three types of coffee roast out there: light, medium and dark.

The light roast coffees are the strongest. As the amount of caffeine decreases the longer the roast is, a light roast coffee will give you the most of it. In addition, these coffees usually have a fruity and nutty taste because the coffee isn't burned.

The medium roast coffees are less intense than light roast. They're left on the roaster for longer, so there's less caffeine left in them. The taste is significantly less fruity and somewhat bitter. Here you can add some milk, cream or sugar but it will work better with a dark roast.

Dark roast coffee beans are left on the roaster the longest. They are roasted almost to the point of burning. This means they will have a smokey burnt taste and significantly less caffeine than the other options. Most people enjoy their dark roast with sugar or milk, or both, so you might want to try that too.

Coffee Origin

Coffee originally comes from Africa but nowadays it's grown anywhere with a tropical climate. This includes South America and South East Asia. African coffees are usually sweeter and more fruity. This, of course, depends on the soil and the altitude. Generally, coffee beans, grown in volcanic soil and at high altitude are sweeter and have a more pleasant taste.

Final Thoughts

Picking the right coffee beans for pour-over is no easy task. You have to consider the roast, the origin, the taste and many more factors. Unfortunately there's no standard perfect coffee for everyone. That's why you should do research and get what's right for you.

To have the best flavor out of any coffee, though, you need to heat water to the right temperature. This is most easily done in a LuxHaus gooseneck kettle. It's made of high-quality stainless steel and comes with a thermometer that will help you brew the perfect cup of pour-over coffee. Get yours now.

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