6 Best Aluminum Coffee Makers [2024]: First-Hand Reviewed

6 Best Aluminum Coffee Makers [2024]: First-Hand Reviewed

Home baristas have pretty strong opinions when it comes to picking their favorite coffee-making tools. While some prefer the laidback brewing of modern-day coffee machines, the true romanticists still find their morning verve in the hissing of old-fashioned, non-electric aluminum coffee makers.

If you are too in the market looking for the best aluminum coffee maker for your home, we’ve compiled a list of recommendations, all first-hand tested and reviewed.  

Whether you live in a classic New York studio apartment or a lavish mansion in Beverly Hills, these stovetop espresso makers won’t look out of place. Use them indoors or take them camping; if anything, they sure are convenient. 

TL;DR – Top Aluminum Coffee Makers for 2024

Below is a quick summary of our hand-picked aluminum coffee makers: 

  1. GROSCHE Milano 9-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker: Our #1 pick. Made of food-grade aluminum, has a silicone seal gasket, and comes with a burn guard. Got good build quality.
  2. Imusa USA 6-Cup Aluminum Stovetop Espresso Maker:  Budget-friendly, lightweight, and just about what you need to treat yourself to a warm cup of coffee every morning.
  3. Primula Ilsa Neapolitan Aluminum Coffee Maker: Vintage flip-style coffee pot, perfect for camping. Has a secure design.
  4. JoyJolt Italian Moka Pot:  Compact and reliable, produces rich, flavorful coffee, best suited for a single person.
  5. Bialetti Moka Express: The original Italian stovetop espresso maker, made completely of aluminum. 
  6. Coffee Gator Moka Pot: Versatile coffee maker with an aluminum upper body and stainless steel base, suitable for all stovetops, including induction.

Are Aluminum Coffee Makers Safe to Use?

Moka pots are manufactured from food-grade aluminum, which is generally safe to use and poses no serious risks. The amount of aluminum that can leach into coffee is minimal and not a health concern. 

That being said, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure the safe use of aluminum espresso makers. Firstly, make sure to properly clean and dry your pot after each use to prevent any bacteria or coffee residue buildup. Secondly, avoid using abrasive cleaners or steel wool for cleaning, as these can scratch the surface and cause aluminum to leach into the coffee.

Rest assured, as long as you take proper care, aluminum coffee makers are perfectly safe to use. 

So, what is the best aluminum coffee maker for your home?

Best Aluminum Stovetop Coffee Makers [Reviewed!]

With so many options available on the market, we made sure we took all reputable coffee makers into consideration.

We scoured the internet and reviewed multiple best stovetop espresso maker Reddit threads and subreddits, including r/Coffee and r/espresso, to find the finest aluminum stovetop moka pots based on user recommendations and reviews. We also asked our in-house team of coffee experts to provide their own recommendations.

Once we had an initial list of endorsed products, we sourced and tested each to determine which ones should make the final cut. 

What We Looked For

1. Build Quality: We evaluated the sturdiness and durability of each moka pot, paying close attention to the materials to ensure they wouldn't get easily damaged. We also checked to see if the products had any leakage, rust, or corrosion issues.

2. Brewing Performance: We brewed coffee in each moka pot and evaluated the taste and quality of the resulting coffee. We looked for a rich, full-bodied flavor and assessed the strength and balance of the drink. We also considered any notes or flavors unique to each pot's brewing process.

3. Ease of Use: Using moka pots themselves is fairly straightforward. So, instead, we considered other factors of owning a moka pot, such as how much time it took us to assemble it, how easy it was to fill with water and coffee, and how simple it was to clean. We also considered additional features that could make the brewing process easier, such as a removable water tank or easy-to-read measuring lines.

GROSCHE Milano 9-Cup Moka Pot —  Best Aluminum Coffee Maker Overall

    The 9-cup Groshe Milano trumps all other moka pots in both features and aesthetics and ranks number #1 on our list. It is the perfect choice if you want quality coffee without dealing with broken parts after only a few months of use.

    The coffee maker is made of durable, food-grade aluminum. It works on gas and electric stovetops, but like all 100% aluminum coffee makers, it isn’t compatible with induction hobs. 

    Groshe Milano absolutely shines in build quality. We didn't notice any flimsy parts or fragile materials on the coffee maker —  nothing on the product felt “cheap”. In fact, the company has gone above and beyond in making their moka pot feel premium. The seal surrounding the gasket is made of silicone, a longer-lasting alternative to rubber, the material most moka pot brands use. 

    The Milano’s handle also comes with a burn guard, addressing a long-standing issue moka pot owners have where the handle either melts during use or gets too hot to touch. Suffice to say, we didn’t have any issues with hot handles or burnt fingers with this particular model. Trust us, we noticed first-hand how much of an improvement this is while testing other coffee makers. 

    Although it didn't have the perfect crema you would get from an espresso machine, we did notice crema-like foam on our coffee.

    It took our 9-cup Groshe Milano around 10 minutes to brew the drink at low-medium heat, which is slightly on the longer side if we’re being honest. However, you can improve the brew timing by increasing the heat. This might make your coffee taste bitter, though.

    IMUSA 6-Cup USA Stovetop Moka Pot — Best Cheap Aluminum Coffee Maker

      If you’re on a budget, Imusa’s aluminum stovetop 6-cup coffee maker could be a great option for making your mornings coffee-full. 

      When it comes to functionality, Imusa doesn't lag behind its more expensive counterparts. Add your coffee grounds to the filter, fill the boiler with water, turn the heat source on, and get your espresso-like coffee just as swiftly as you would with any other moka pot. Oh, and did we mention it only weighs 0.85 lb?!

      While the coffee maker is pretty sturdy, rough handling could mean you might have a broken handle or a lid to replace. However, the low price allows you to get a spare one for rainy days without burning a hole in your pocket. 

      The handle is all plastic, so you must be extra careful when using the pot on gas stovetops. If the flame catches the handle, getting it under control before it eats away at the plastic could be difficult. 

      All in all, the IMUSA aluminum coffee maker is a decent pick if you don’t want to spend big.

      Primula Ilsa 9-Cup Neapolitan Espresso Pot — Best Aluminum Coffee Maker for Camping 

        Next, we have the flip-style Neapolitan aluminum coffee maker from Ilsa. Flexing a vintage look, this stovetop espresso maker feels and works different to all other coffee pots on our list.

        You get two chambers, one at the top and the other at the bottom. Water is added to the bottom chamber, while the coffee grounds are placed in the upper section. You heat the pot until the water starts to boil up. As soon as the gurgling sound kicks in, flip the coffee maker over so that the hot water passes through the grounds and into the upper chamber, allowing the coffee to collect. This whole process takes just 5 minutes, which is great if you are out camping and want your cuppa served quickly.

        Besides having a faster brewing time, the 9-cup Ilsa Neapolitan aluminum coffee maker is also quite strong, lightweight, and easy to carry around. Store it in the RV for long travels or keep it in your camping bag, you won’t have to worry about going without coffee even when out in an isolated location.   

        JoyJolt Italian 3-Cup Stovetop Moka Pot — Best Aluminum Coffee Maker for Single Person

          The JoyJolt Italian 3-cup moka pot is an excellent choice for single persons looking for a dependable coffee maker for their home.

          The 3-cup capacity means you can brew three shot-sized espresso cups. This quantity is just enough to fill an average-sized coffee cup and eliminates the inconvenience of dealing with leftover or wasted coffee. Additionally, the compact size makes it perfect for small spaces, which is ideal if you live in an apartment or a studio. It is also fairly easy to use.

          We found the JoyJolt Moka aluminum pot quite lightweight. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can make the coffee maker feel a little low-end on the quality side.

          The brewing time on the coffee maker is quite impressive. It took us around 5-6 minutes to prepare a delicious cup of espresso on our 3-cup version, which is perfect for rushed mornings.

          Lastly, the handle of the JoyJolt Italian Moka Pot is very comfortable. It stays cool to the touch, even when the pot is hot, which is a nice change from what we usually see in moka pots. 

          Bialetti Moka Express 12-Cup Variant — Best Italian Aluminum Coffee Maker

            If you are in the market for an Italian-made aluminum coffee maker, Bialetti Moka Express is hands-down the best choice. The company has been producing stovetop coffee pots for over 80 years, and their Moka Express model is a classic. Most other moka pots today have been inspired by Bialetti in one way or another. 

            Made of high-quality aluminum and weighing 1.54 pounds, Moka Express is built to last and withstand high heat. It is suitable for use on gas and electric hobs, but like most aluminum coffee makers, it isn't compatible with induction hobs. 

            The handle is made of heat-resistant plastic and provides a comfortable grip, although it can become quite hot during use.

            The Bialetti Moka Express also provides a relatively efficient brewing process. However, the 12-13 minute brewing time could sometimes feel like a long wait.

            One potential drawback of Moka Express is that it can be challenging to clean, particularly if you let coffee residues sit over time. Using baking soda for cleaning should help, though.

            Coffee Gator 6-Cup Moka Pot — Best Aluminum Coffee Maker for Induction Stove

              Induction hobs usually don’t support aluminum cookware. However, Coffee Gator uses a clever design approach to counter this issue. 

              The coffee maker’s upper body is all aluminum, while the base is made of stainless steel. This allows you to use the moka pot on all gas, electric, and induction hobs. The product is pretty sturdy, and the handle doesn’t get too hot during use either, which is always a good thing for stovetop coffee makers.

              On the brewing front, it took us 9–10 minutes to brew the coffee. That’s not a huge increase from full-body aluminum pots, which average 7-8 minutes. Coffee Gator does recommend running cold water underneath the moka pot once the coffee is ready to stop the brewing process and add more flavor to your cuppa. However, we didn’t notice any difference in taste in our espresso upon doing so. 

              The Coffee Gator aluminum moka pot comes in the 6-cup variant only. So you don't have many serving options, which is a tad disappointing. Overall, it is a great appliance and a top aluminum coffee maker for induction hobs.

              Comparing Top Aluminum Moka Pots for 2024

              Here is a table listing all the main features of our recommended coffee makers along with a rating of each.


              Serving Size

              Brewing Time (approx)


              Grosche Milano

              9 cups

              10 minutes


              Imusa USA

              6 cups

              8 minutes



              9 cups

              5 minutes



              3 cups

              6 minutes



              12 cups

              12 minutes


              Coffee Gator

              6 cups

              9 minutes


              What Are the Different Parts of an Aluminum Non-Electric Coffee Maker?

              The main components of a traditional aluminum non-electric coffee maker include the boiler, filter basket, filter plate, and the collector. The boiler stores the water for brewing and accommodates the filter basket inside it. The latter is what holds the coffee grounds. The filter goes on top of the filter basket and prevents the grounds from slipping into your coffee. It sits right underneath the collector, which collects the coffee.

              The boiler is usually made of aluminum because the metal is a good conductor of heat, allowing the water to heat up quickly and brew the coffee. Meanwhile, the filter basket is typically made of plastic or metal. The filter plate itself is usually made of paper or metal mesh. 

              Do Aluminum Coffee Makers Need Cleaning?

              Aluminum coffee makers do require cleaning. Over time, coffee oils and mineral deposits can build up inside the coffee maker, affecting the taste of your coffee and potentially even clogging the equipment itself. Regular cleaning helps ensure that your coffee maker continues to function properly and that the coffee quality doesn’t degrade.

              Are Aluminum Coffee Makers Dishwasher Safe?

              Some aluminum coffee makers are labeled as dishwasher safe, while others are not. If you're unsure, it's always best to err on the side of caution and manually wash your coffee maker. This will help prolong its lifespan and prevent any potential damage that the heat and pressure of the dishwasher could cause.

              It's also important to note that using certain dishwasher detergents can cause discoloration and corrosion to your aluminum coffee maker. To be safe, it's best to use a mild detergent and avoid any harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbers.

              How to Make Coffee in an Aluminum Coffee Maker?

              Making coffee in an aluminum coffee maker is quite simple. Here’s how you can make coffee in a moka pot: 

              1. Fill the coffee maker boiler with cold water up to the fill line. Make sure not to overfill the chamber, or you'll end up with watery coffee
              2. Add your coffee grounds to the filter basket. You'll want to use a medium grind, as a fine grind can lead to over-extraction and a bitter taste
              3. Place the filter basket on top of the boiler and screw on the top parts (filter plate and collector) to assemble the coffee maker
              4. Place the aluminum coffee maker on the stove over medium heat. The water in the bottom chamber will begin to heat up and eventually boil, causing steam to pass through the filter basket and extract the coffee
              5. Once the coffee has finished brewing, remove the coffee maker from the stove and pour your coffee into your cup 

              Which is Better, Aluminum or Stainless-Steel Coffee Maker?

              Deciding between an aluminum and stainless-steel coffee maker can be a tough choice, as both have their pros and cons.

              Aluminum coffee makers are typically more affordable and lightweight, making them easy to carry and travel with. They also heat up quickly and are great for making a quick cup of coffee. However, they may not be as durable as stainless-steel coffee makers and can be more prone to denting or staining.

              On the other hand, stainless-steel coffee makers are more durable and long-lasting, making them a great investment if you're a serious coffee drinker. They also have a sleek, modern look and can be easier to clean as they’re dishwasher-safe. However, they are often more expensive than their aluminum counterparts and can take longer to heat up.

              At the end of the day, the choice between an aluminum or stainless-steel coffee maker ultimately comes down to personal preference and what you value most in a coffee maker.

              Interested in exploring your options in stainless steel coffee makers? We’ve got you covered. 

              Stainless Steel Stovetop Coffee Makers – Top 3 Recommendations

              If you’re looking for a stainless steel coffee maker, here are some of our best recommendations:

              1. LUXHAUS Moka Pot This stainless steel stovetop espresso maker is sleek and modern in design. It is suitable for use on all stove types and comes with a spring-loaded filter basket for easy cleaning. Our top recommendation for stainless steel coffee makers!
              2. Cuisinox Roma This premium and high-quality moka pot is entirely made of stainless steel and has a tapered handle to prevent burnt fingers during handling. It comes equipped with a reducer. Can be expensive.
              3. Bellman Espresso & Steamer The Bellman CX25P moka pot is made of high-quality stainless steel and is perfect for small kitchens or camping trips. It also features a pressure gauge and an attached milk steamer for lattes and cappuccinos. 


              And there you have it! After hours of research, countless cups of coffee, and multiple finger burns, we’ve narrowed down the top six aluminum coffee makers for 2024 for you. From classic Italian designs to modern twists, there’s a little something for everyone on this list.

              Whether you’re a seasoned barista or just need a quick pick-me-up in the mornings, an aluminum moka pot is an inexpensive investment that can save you the trouble of standing in long queues to get your morning cuppa.

              So go ahead and have a look at our guide and treat yourself to one of these gems to enjoy your next cup of espresso from the comfort of your own home. All hail Joe!

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